Brandon Vickerd – sculpture / installation artist

My take:  Brandon’s sculpture / installation work conveys a compelling and provocative examination of fabrication techniques and visual language.  His works evoke a tension that is created by a transposition of materials and a play of dichotomies (life & death, machine & human, organic and inorganic…etc).  Examples of this material and conceptual tension can be found in the works Dead Astronaut, Apeshit and Phantom Steel.  In these works the interchange of materials and subject matter create an eerie stillness.

What I find most interesting about Brandon’s studio practice is how this tension, along with his choice of materials (industrial) and attention to detail elicits an underlying sense of determination. A determination that is not simply confined to individual/artistic pursuits, but more so a subtext of labouring that is familiar, ritualistic and spiritual.

Check out his website and keep your eye open for upcoming exhibits……Brandon Vickerd