N.A.I.S.A’s Soundhackers Intensive


I recently participated in N.A.I.S.A‘s Soundhackers Intensive, a two and half day workshop that explored a range of tools and approaches to creating sound work.  N.A.I.S.A. cleverly coordinated a well choreographed intensive that overlapped the expertise and sound making practices of Nicolas Collins, Peter Bosch, and Dafydd Hughes. These three artists led separate step-by-step hands-on learning seminars that covered open source software/tools like Pure Data and Arduino boards,  electronic circuit making and mechanical sound creation.  I highly recommend to any artists interested in sound creation to check out NAISA’s educational programs. Their courses are thorough and very affordable!

A big thanks goes out to the warm and welcoming N.A.I.S.A’s Artistic Director, Darren Copeland and staff for programming this seamless and incredible event. BRAVO!