Forensic Architecture

Forensic Architecture

Centre for Research Architecture, Department of Visual Cultures

Goldsmiths University of London

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Excerpt from website:

Forensic Architecture refers to the presentation of spatial analysis within contemporary legal and political forums. The project undertakes research that maps, images, and models sites of violence within the framework of international humanitarian law and human rights. Through its public activities it also situates forensic architecture within broader historical and theoretical contexts.

Forensic Architecture is a European Research Council funded project (2011-2014) hosted by the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University of London within the Department of Visual Cultures.

My two cents:

Forensic Architecture is a collaborative think-tank project that engages and encourages public discourse through forums and publishing interdisciplinary “field” work. Focused on the mapping of subjects within the “framework of international humanitarian law and human rights”, the collective’s website provides readers with compelling arguments and information. It is addictive…see for yourself!